Daily Ticket SBB

Sierre, Salgesch et environs
To promote public transport, the City of Sierre is providing four second-class "Municipality Day Cards". The day tickets entitle the holder to free travel on the entire area covered by the SBB general season ticket.

- CHF 44.00 per card for all persons who are resident in the municipality of Sierre and can show their identity card.
- CHF 54.00 per card for people residing in the following communes of the district of Sierre: Anniviers, Noble-Contrée, Chalais, Chippis, Grône and St-Léonard. They must show their identity card and a confirmation of residence.
Pick up
When you pick up your SBB day pass at the counter, you must bring a valid identity card or a confirmation of residence so that your place of residence can be verified. If you do not bring these documents or if it turns out that you are not registered as a resident of Sierre at the Residents Registration Office, you will not receive the SBB Day Pass (even if it has already been paid for) and no money will be refunded.

SBB tickets 2024
From January 2024, a new system will be in place throughout Switzerland.
Further details will be announced shortly.
Until December 31, 2023, you can still buy the old day passes for CHF 44.- for residents of the Commune of Sierre and CHF 54.- for residents of the following communes in the Sierre district: Anniviers, Noble-Contrée, Chalais, Chippis, Grône and St-Léonard.
General informations
  • Région :
    • Sierre, Salgesch et environs
  • Durée :
    • 1 jour




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